Plastics varnishing has an effect of an element to gain uniform look, color or glossiness, which cannot be obtained to such an extent by processing. Varnishing (painting by means of spray guns) can be also used for:

  • Masking the injection molding spots
  • Protection against mechanical damages
  • Protection against weathering
  • Protection against chemical factors

Metalizationmeans evaporating a metal (aluminum) onto plastics in condition of high vacuum. The main goal of metalization is to make a surface of the plastic look like a polished to a high gloss metal in a process of economical series production. Usually by vacuum metalization it is possible to cover surface of the plastic element with a relatively thin layer only. The layer being evaporated (metalized) shows in smallest detail an exact shape of element being metalized. The rough surfaces become mat, shinny – mirror like. By means of evaporation (metalization) in high vacuum it is possible to coat with a film of different metals or chemical compounds. In practice, until now, it is usually aluminum that is being evaporated (metalized), which gives as a result a decorative layer of bright silver shine and significant durability. Having applied transparent protective top varnish and after having pigment added it is possible to have virtually any (transparent) color. The vacuum metalization method is being used in a car and electronic industry, in house hold appliances or toys production as well as crafting fancy gallantry and elements of cosmetics, mirrors, lamps, RTV appliances production, manufacturing fittings of shoes, hardware and handbags elements, furniture and windows fittings, christmass tree ornaments or ornaments of coffins (crosses, handles, effigies).

UV varnishing - In order to meet the market demands we expanded and modernized our painting abilities by purchasing UV varnishing plant. Surface of these varnishes is being cured by UV rays in a process of polymerization which takes just a few seconds. Due to such a short curing time a much bigger production efficiency is possible. Apart from it these varnishes have got a very good mechanical characteristics and are resistant to a lot of chemical substances

Powder varnishing - is yet another service our company specializes in. With this technology aluminium, steel and galvanized elements can be coated. Many years of experience allowed us to adjust to market conditions. Short lead time of our services, high quality and competitive prices are among our strongest points.

Why Povac?

  • Flexibility and a Wide Scope of Possibilities
  • Short lead time of service
  • High efficiency
  • Attractive price of service

Povac possesses automated vacuum evaporation machine of two chambers 900x1000 mm each. This machine allows to provide metalization services with high efficiency and in a very short time.

Why Povac?

  • High quality of the services
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
  • Sterility of a process
  • Cleanness

The technological process takes place in an air-conditioned rooms with atmosphere free from contamination. Quality management is present at every stage of the production process.

Why Povac?

  • High durability of protective layers
  • Uniformity of layers
  • Colors replicability

The ionization being used during production makes for better adhesion between varnish layer and a surface of an element being painted. By polymerization process we obtain protective layer (so called protector) being used for special purpose coatings. Spray painting manipulators assure the equability of the layer and replicability of it's color.

Why Povac?

  • The effective protection against damage
  • Own transportation
  • Delivery at any the given address
  • Together we protect the environment
  • Experience

Product is being packed according to clients requirements. Delivery at any given address is possible by our own or commissioned transportation.


  • Modern machinery park
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Steady growth of, perfecting and modernizing the technology
  • Individual approach to the requirements of a client
  • Constant supervision of the process and a product
  • Short lead time
  • Flexibility in operating