We offer you a service in a scope of vacuum metalization of plastic elements which are made of: ABS,PP, PET, POLIAMID, PS.

Following are the example business trades in which metalization is used:

  • Automotive industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Decorative accessories
  • Toys
  • Furniture fittings
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Shoes and handbags articles
  • Packagings of different sort
  • Wheels of trolleys, pushchairs etc.
  • Coffin accessories
  • Frames of car license plates etc.

Surfaces after coating may be glossy, mat, pearly. We provide individual customer needs directed services.


We possess a highly advanced painting line working with UV cured lacquers. We aim with our service offer at the cosmetics industry but not solely. With this new technology we can execute long series production, where 24 hour capacity is a key issue. We cover both metalized and not metalized elements with UV lacquers. The coating on the surface of these elements gets cured by means of UV rays in just a few seconds. Due to such a short time of curing, significant reduction of the time of a process is possible. Apart from it these varnishes are characterized by very good mechanical as well as chemical resistance


Powder varnishing is a process of coating metal (aluminum, steel, galvanized) elements with varnish of powder consistence. The powder is next cured in a polymerization chamber. The hole process of coating must be preceded by careful cleansing of the element as well as applying corrosion protection. Typically elements coated this way gain steady and lasting for a long time visual effect. Technology of powder coating has a very wide scope of application and is used in all of the industries.


In a process of lacquering we use top quality materials by the leading European producers. As an effect of working closely with their laboratories we are ready to introduce lacquer which will satisfy any even most demanding customer. For application of these varnishes we use equipment of renowned manufacturers.
We have experience in mono-, two- and three-layered painting as well as in obtaining special effects like: metallic, mat or silk, shine or soft-touch. Element coated at our premises find their way to the leading companies of every trade.