Project title: "Implementation of innovative products and services: modernistic LED luminaires of complex shapes and a wide range of colours and coating by sputtering method in LIS POLAND Sp. z o.o."

Objective and anticipated effects of the project: The purpose of the project is to increase the potential of the Applicant through the implementation of a new innovative service and new products. These new products and service offered by the Applicant are LED luminaires of complex shapes and a wide range of colors and coating by sputtering method. The project involves the purchase of a modern device: vacuum metallizing chamber, milling machine and lathe for CNC sheets which will improve the quality of products manufactured today (luminaires). The project is a response to the reported demand in the European market. The purchased machine allows to increase the requirements and parameters of the end products in relation to traditional methods. The service will be characterized by more resilient, ecological coatings with the possibility of layer selection. This method allows to create a wide range of colors, repeatable with the possibility of application on a variety of substrates. The distribution of color is even, without shadows and discoloration. The end product is resistant to scratching and abrasion. The component is more resistant to external factors. As part of RIS many construction models will be supported (passive construction, zero-energy and plus-energy) and this is particularly important as far as energy sector is concerned. Our enterprise will strive to maximize its potential on a competitive domestic and foreign market. It is planned to get new customers from all over the European Union. The implementation of ICT manufacturing solutions will affect the processes in the enterprise. The decision-making support system shall help us assess the demand for LED luminaires. The system will be used to manage the production, storage and control of subcontracted services. In addition, by purchasing a workstation and a design software package, we will develop new products based on 3d modeling.

The project includes the purchase of fixed assets and tangible fixed assets:
Purchase of the vacuum metallizing chamber
Purchase software packages
Workstation purchase
Milling machine purchase
Purchase of lathe

Total project value: 2,564,770.00 PLN

Amount of subsidy: 1,405,690.00.